Mund-Lagowski Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Chemistry and biochemistry occupy unique territory. They’re often called “central sciences” because they examine how substances and living organisms behave the most basic level. That knowledge links physical sciences (astronomy, materials, physics, etc.) with life sciences (biology, genetics, zoology, etc.) and applied sciences (engineering and medicine). Chemistry focuses on substances’ behavior at the most basic level while biochemistry blends biology and chemistry principles. Both degrees are valuable in careers as varied as agriculture, forensic science, medicine and renewable materials development.

Both majors give you a firm grounding in research and career preparation. You begin research your freshman year and can continue year-round if you wish. You can earn a general biology degree, or you can add one of three concentrations if you want a focused degree. These degrees ready you for graduate studies. You also can earn an education degree to teach high school science. Additionally, you can earn a master’s degree in biology.