Biology is one of the sciences that studies life’s building blocks. It examines everything from microscopic cells to life-sustaining systems in forests or wetlands. A degree from the biology department encourages you to use your knowledge to impact those systems with your career. You can make a difference as an educator, medical professional, scientist or environmental advocate. (DOES THIS ACCURATELY REPRESENT BIOLOGY IN A WAY A 17-YEAR-OLD WOULD UNDERSTAND? MY GOAL IS TO GIVE A 30,000-FOOT SUMMARY IN THE MODEL OF THE FCS PAGE.)

All majors give you a firm grounding in research and career preparation. You begin research your freshman year and can continue year-round if you wish. You can earn a general biology degree, or you can add one of three concentrations if you want a focused degree. These degrees ready you for graduate studies. You also can earn an education degree to teach high school science. Additionally, you can earn a master’s degree in biology.